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  • badbilly12 badbilly12 Feb 14, 2013 1:35 PM Flag



    Silence from management continues as our share price resumes its march toward zero. In my opinion, the total disregard for SH has become laughable. Very sad but laughable. As PPS has dropped close to 70% in the last 12 months, becoming even less transparent (if that is even possible) currently seems to be the chosen path. How could any company choose not to have a SH meeting at this point? Even if things miraculously turned upward (a stretch at best) what would be the confidence level among shareholders?

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    • Why not do a conference call or a video conference. Cheap.

    • this is the strangest company ever in terms of communication. they started last year with a macro update and then posted financials on a reasonable basis.

      flash forward 12 months and the company is LESS transparent and provided even less information.

      do not get me started on a Shareholder meeting. unreal

    • Hi Billy,
      First off - won't be a SH meeting. You and I ...both know why.
      Maybe we'll get one of those big updates on the web site like last year. If we're lucky
      Financials won't come out unless the news reported is viewed as --- unchanged to good.
      Hope the EPA steps up and orders a Sload of product.
      Only the BIG GUY above know when the GBS write up will be out in official print.
      Even when the GBS report comes out ---- If the financials are Kaput, then where is the marketing money going to come from.
      That's why I say partner up or sell.
      All we can hope for now is a miracle from one of the Gov. agencies or Battelle.

      All in my opinion

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Bad, my previous responses to you these past few months re: waiting for February are about to reach their expiration date. I don't see anything to stop the pps from heading south from here, now that both precedent timelines (Feb. 9, 2012 Update, AND Nov. 1 - 32ish days post-quarter) have passed. The precedents aren't exact, so tomorrow is not much different than today, but after that, I'm at a loss for a plausible excuse.

      Bret will tell his friends how well the company is doing, (according to a recent post) but he won't tell us.

      I still think it's possible that sales are going well enough to show that the company is growing v. dying, but we have no evidence, and its always natural to assume the worst when there is no signal at all. "Preserve Capital" is a consideration.

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