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  • vestmentguru99 vestmentguru99 Apr 5, 2013 3:20 PM Flag

    New update on NanoLogix Inc homepage


    NanoLogix plans to begin marketing this summer of their new N-Assay Multiwell Diagnostic test. The N-Assay is a machine-readable test that will be available in an assortment of size configurations for detection and identification of a variety of bacteria. Tests to date have provided consistent results in as little as 30 minutes with both high sensitivity and specificity"

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    • with both high sensitivity and specificity

      machine readable

      is this legit?

      This is exactly the criticism I have had of nanologix. Not machine readable, and specificity is too low. take note pumpers. This right here could be the ticket nanologix needs, if this is legit and not another pie in the sky.

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      • "is this legit?"

        Well this is a poster from the CAOG 2012 meeting in Oct. presented by Faro and company

        Once wells are prepared by coating and blocking, storage at 4 degrees Celsius would allow for them to be shipped and then used for detection of GBS.
        This assay therefore allows for the detection of GBS in under one hour
        Little to no interference by selected organisms was observed, allowing for a high degree of specificity
        GBS was detected up to 103 dilution, allowing for a high degree of sensitivity
        Application of this test may be applied directly to patient vaginal-rectal specimens, but this awaits further testing
        Application of antibiotic susceptibility profiling to this assay awaits further testing, but based on preliminary results, both the identification of GBS and its antibiotic susceptibility profile may possibly be attained in under one hour.

    • What's this! How DARE the company make progress quietly without letting all us puny shareholders know!! I am SO taken aback! They'd better not be doing more of this behind our backs!

      LOL! Too bad this won't shut the bashers up. Nothing will so why bother engaging them. Let them talk amonst/to themselves.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Machine readable is that new?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • supposed benefit of BNP that was being pumped 24 hours a day here was that it was "low cost" and "quick" let me tell you nothing is low cost and quick that has to be handled by over bloated healthcare workers. Yes last I heard most of the tout tech nano has requires eyes under microscope which is one key reason why it was ignored for so long, another is becasue of the high ratio of false positive tests, part of the reason the tests are so quick is becasue they detect what they are looking for when it's not even there!! lol. Seems they are claiming this new machine readable and has high specificity, which would resolve both of those concerns... now lets see if this is hype or real deal.

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