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  • niccolotheprince niccolotheprince Apr 8, 2013 11:57 AM Flag

    The voice of Capitalism

    Inasmuch as it pains me to see it, the market speaks to us, much as do the polls in elections, and the votes posted today do not reflect the hopes we have for the multi-well news. Even the protagonists are holding back from buying. Perhaps the financials, though not required by law, are seen as required by investors?

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    • Apparently "the market" is 5 people now? Thats how many trades there have been as of this posting. Five. When the market speaks there will be many more than that, either buying or selling, the price will move up or down substantially in one direction or the other. But to call a couple of sales "the market'' is silly.

      New patent issues tomorrow for flat-pack packaging. Lets see if that get any PR or at least a mention like the Japanese one did since they seemed to imply that this packaging was somewhat revolutionary.

      Another day passes...

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      • No, the market includes about 3,000 shareholders who have had a few days to learn about the good news and take advantage of a pps near a three-year low to add to their positions. I am one who, in the past, would have "voted" to buy some more shares on news like this. Apparently, I am now one of 2,995 who took a pass today. What about you, shabby? How many shares did you buy today? Numb One? Pabro? How did you vote today?

        Sentiment: Hold

    • Bad analogy. The idiot voters also voted that MFPOS president Obama back in. The masses are [something that rhymes with masses]. The lemmings and manipulators pushing NNLX down are in the same category.

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      • It is simply a fact that our CEO has over played the "in the very near future lots of sales are going to take place" card. It does not work any more investors are not going to put money into this stock until it can be shown that money is being made. It is that simple.
        If you apply the principal of Occam's razor to our situation that is what you come up with not black ops or manipulators or whatevery the CEO has been at the helm going on 7 years and has not shown investors that the products developed in his tenure are being monitized on a consistant basis and until that occurs the pps will stay where it is.

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