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  • jcaksonmichael jcaksonmichael Nov 25, 2013 8:39 AM Flag

    36 Days till Parents says

    We are at $2 per share. Boy that would be a run. Possible - Yes.... Probable - NO

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    • I think the day after the parents forecasts miss everyone on the board should get together and all buy nano stock maybe we can pump it up to .50 cents and start a feeding frenzy form momentum players

    • She thinks something big is going happen before end of the year. Looking more and more like she'll will be wrong.

      Maybe she thinks the N-Assay papers will propel this stock higher ? Starting to think will those come out this year ?

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      • "Maybe she thinks the N-Assay papers will propel this stock higher ?"

        Expecting this company to deliver on anything of importance anywhere near the time point the company has set as a goal remains a losing bet. Here are two examples for this year that look to be dry holes:

        Giles Manley when appointed to the NNLX SAB last year-
        "Through my career I have formed acquaintances with the Chiefs of Obstetrics at some of the top medical institutions in our country. I will make a concerted effort to get the necessary trials started and finished at places such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins and other institutions. I am hopeful that by the end of 2013 the standard for GBS screening will include our near-15 minute test at time of labor.”

        Company update in April-
        "NanoLogix plans to begin marketing this summer of their new N-Assay Multiwell Diagnostic test."

        Then in Aug. the company put out that report in which it stated, "Peer-reviewed papers are pending publication in medical scientific journals," for the N-Assay. And that "NanoLogix is currently working with
        potential suppliers of select components for the assay in order to commercialize the test."

        Just what did Barnhizer learn in the 4 months between the big announcement in April and the release of that company promo piece in Aug. that put the kibosh on the company's big plan to launch N-Assay marketing over the summer? Regardless, both announcements were met with great joy by the bootlickers. And with another 4 months about up and no real indication of progress what will Barnhizer soon announce to give the faithful fold reason to hang in there for another couple months? 2014 will be the year it all comes together-- just like 2013 was and 2012 before that, etc,etc...

        On the bright side, it's tax-loss selling season. For those smart enough to have not been "all in" with this dog and reaped some good returns elsewhere, booking a loss here is probably not a bad idea. One can even buy back in early Jan. (for the 2014 zoom?).

      • of course she is going to be wrong. she just made up a date and a share price.

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