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  • tredleon tredleon May 8, 2006 1:15 PM Flag

    $40 - $50 for this stock

    More sound thinking from Camaro - any pharma company that has had a failed phase III trial is not worth investing in ever again. I'm guessing that would eliminate most of the pharma companies out there. Any other investing rules you want to enlighten us with?

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    • <Any other investing rules you want to enlighten us with?>

      Why certainly. In addition you can add

      Don't invest in companies that:
      - state that an insulin deal "is just around the corner" and later announce that there will be no deal
      - must greatly dilute the stock to raise funds
      - run a key study in a third world country where there will be no FDA scrutiny
      - state that they are 95% certain of success prior to announcing the clinical trial failed
      - are still in phase II for insulin while other companies that started later have their product already approved by the FDA
      - have partners who refuse to pay them milestones
      - end up in lawsuits with their "partners"
      - engage in nespotism
      - after 20 years of development have yet to run a single successful Phase 3 study

      There are so many others that they are too numerous to list!

    • Go easy on ole Camaro. He is a little grouchy, but at the end of the day his heart is in the right place. As angry as he is (and he is a pretty angry fellow!) at management and the past failures by which he feels victimized, he remains a steadfast, loyal long. Now that is true belief in the Eligen technology -- probably more so than any of us, since he retains his position in spite of so much animus (and even after 200% gains in the last year), animus which the rest of us do not share. Perhaps Camaro could inspire the rest of the bashers to see the light as well -- you can hate BR, Tredleon, Hoyass and the rest, but still get rich being an EMIS long for the next year!

      • 2 Replies to hoyas012
      • i already said i hoped emis does well and you all make money. i mean it. but i still give you a hard time because i think you give emis too much credit, while some come over to nktr and give them no credit at all. just trying to resort balance. i owned emis for a short while when it was 7 2 years ago. if it actually gets heparin in to fda i would certainly buy some more. i'm as protective of nktr as you are of emis however, and br, despite nktr coming through, continues to be a jerk. call me a basher but i currently have no long or short position in emis and would only buy if they got through fda. i have no interest in short any stock. i don't know enough about puts or calls.

      • I hope you are right; not that I think MG and his crew will ever manage it, but if my EMIS position ever gets back to even I will be a happy man.

    • i think camaro meant to say:

      any company that has failed phase III which does not have any other product yet on market should not be invested in until it proves it can bring a product to market.

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