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  • FRUCO6 FRUCO6 Aug 2, 2010 6:34 AM Flag

    what to expect

    dole seems to be here a cheap stock, and that the company has not been doing a good job in creating market value seems a hard fact, somewhat problematic after issuing at 12 dollars or so a year ago. it has obtained little if any recognition, no flair in spite of the value of the actual foods the company supplies. the shortcomings in doubts about the qualities will wane out only as the results, quarter to quarter, improve not only in figures, but in a right marketing of the corporation. they have to show that a higher multiple for this kind of company is sustainable, precisely because the business is geared in difficult food chains dealing with truly great complexities. bu this needs to become better understood by the general public which so far doubts the ability of the company to sustain a corporate margin within dole and accepts social criticism to producion systems in the backyard of us markets. the rise of ebitda multiples from present levels, below 3 to 4 times, to the more reasonable business like levels of 7 to 10 is the task. if dole gets this job accomplished, the stock should at least double in the coming two or three years. i find very few cases which have the business as organized as this, yet, the company has to realize that protecting the franchise from social criticism takes rising the market capitalisation to higher grounds too. not many companies which -expecting a consistant level of sales of say 6 to 8 billion per year will still accept a low market value of close to one billion without sacking their corporate board. true, dole ownership structures apparently works as a weakness which accounts for this situation, as its controlling owner can live with a miserable market valuation maybe as he cares more about controlling the sales figures and everything which goes with it...than the net margin for the stockholders. a classic conflict that the market discounts sometimes with good reason. at least this is what it shows up to here. next quarter figures coming today will support a different trajectory?

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    • in reply, i would think that the company is slowly but surely being strengthened by continued profitability. it is not noticed yet and i agree that this will take some time...'steady as she goes" magnus

    • Earnings looked pretty good, $0.38 after charges which would have delivered $0.49. Company is generating nice FCF, which comes up to 25% of the market cap on an annualized basis.

      No trading afterhours, so it's hard to figure out what the market thinks. But, CQB had a nice post earnings jump. See what happens tomorrow!