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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Oct 10, 2005 2:24 PM Flag

    Wish I had the money

    QWAK, fruitloner,Does THAT suprise YOU? Nothing goes straight up or down, there WILL be volitility especialy in HOT MARKETS and even more especialy in MINIPULATED markets and of corse ALL markets ARE MINIPULATED by the "STRING PULLERS" to get as much as they can from the people who CHACE the market RATHER than leting the market COME to THEM!

    Ever seen a SHEEP DOG work a flock of SHEEP? The VAST MAJORITY of people in ANY MARKET are like SHEEP out in a pasture and CAN BE and ARE MANUVERED to the BEST intrist of the RANCHER not the SHEEP. Shure the sheep get to EAT and all the other things they NEED, but they ALSO get SHEARED regulary and many also get SLAUGHTERED and end up as MUTTON!

    THAT is the way IT IS, if you are content to BE and act and THINK like a SHEEP, esencialy NOT THINKING just REACTING and DOING what the ones who MANAGE and MINIPULATE you WANT you to DO!

    THINK for YOUR SELF,SEE the BIG PICTURE,be PAITENT and not GREEDY,don't BUY with BARROWED MONEY and just "BUY RIGHT,SIT TIGHT and let the MARKET come to YOU!"

    the DUCK

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