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  • just4dummies just4dummies Oct 31, 2005 12:17 AM Flag

    Mental Midgets

    SOOOO!? Who's fault do you think it is? Yours, mine, or that genderless freak that follows you around? Maybe it's their own group problem, that becomes a peer pressure thing!? I dunno!!! But, unlike you, I don't care! I'll enjoy their plight, because everyone of us will have to face it, but some will not fare as well as others. I have no sympathy with liberal nutcakes that are totally incurrable, because they are bent on destroying everything they don't understand that conflicts with their own beliefs. They don't respond like the animals you carefully protect even if they are dangerous to you. People are not the same as animals. People are the most dangerous of ALL species. People commit crimes everyday.... but not just for survival, they do it for pleasure among many perverse reasons. Unless you can make your mark, you won't change many of them, all you can do for the most part is get self satisfaction knowing you've done your best to make things better. Hate and fear are the rule, and love and understanding will have to wait until later. Everyone makes their own place for later on, and that is freedom of choice... both good and bad. Some will chose the wrong road, and the powers that be seem to have planned it that way. I'm not telling you to give it up UD, I'm just telling you how the ugly side really is, and will always be, in most cases. You might make a difference with a few, but not the majority, so keep up whatever it is you think it takes to make the sleightest difference. I know you are a good hearted person. I am too, but I am not looking to do missionary work. I didn't have to suffer through Viet Nam. I don't have those kind of memories, and can understand some of it. I've been inside the minds of some of the WWII vets, who have been open enough to share things about their horrors that I couldn't have dreamed up. Many of those same warriors who used to kill for their country are now some of the biggest doves this country has ever known. They are great men and women, and are just about gone now. Most don't want war, they just want peace. But, since it isn't about to be, people will just repeat the same old mistakes and stir up whatever trouble they can, in the name of self righteousness, and control.

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