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  • wg99theman wg99theman Oct 29, 2005 11:51 PM Flag

    New to the game

    Please excuse my ignorance as I'm relatively new to the world of stocks, but where can I find more information on the "technical" analysis referred to on this board. I don't understand "support, lines, resistance, etc..." .


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    • There's some nice reading on stockcharts<dot>com, look for the tab called "Chart School".

    • A good start is to go to and get John Murphy's book about the basics of technical analysis. I think it's the one he wrote about 1999, not the new one that's out now. The first one is selling at a discount for about $37.50, but you better be prepared to do a lot of homework if you really want to learn this stuff. There are courses and tapes, etc. but you should get a better idea on how far you are willing to go, before you spend a lot of money on expensive lessons. If you read the comments from traders on you'll pick up a lot of valuable insight there too. Give it a try, but don't get discouraged if it takes a little more time and effort than you thought. Nothing beats experience, so go get some if you want it. Good luck. :)

    • On the net, "investopedia<dot>com" would be a good start for you. You might want to bookmark it for future reference. Just take a look around the site (probably the section that says "Beginner" and "Investing 101") and see if this helps. You can probably get good answers to specific questions on these boards, but I would suggest that you do some reading first in order to find out what you'd like to ask about.

      Others here might have good suggestions for books on basic T.A. It's a lot just learning the lingo on these boards and where to go for information when you first start out investing. Took me a long time just to figure out what people were talking about. But ask away on a decent stockboard and people will be generous. We've all been where you are right now.

      Good luck to you.


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