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  • just4dummies just4dummies Oct 31, 2005 12:48 AM Flag


    Here's a little item in The Monday edition of IBD (Investor's Business Daily), dated October 31, 2005. Page A2, bottom of column 2.
    It reads:

    " Nearly 20% of all dyslexia cases could be linked to a faulty version of DCDC2 gene, Yale researchers found. They say the gene disrupts the formation of neurons in an area needed for learning how to read."

    That's all of it uglyduck. But, it could mean that something new might be heading your way. However, if it's just another of the current wave of wonder drugs, it might be better to just forget the whole thing. In that case, it would most likely turn out to be another liberal big business trap, that makes another fortune for those drug companies. If it gets wide attention on TV, it's trouble. If not, maybe it could be a good thing for a change. I hope it is worthwhile.

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    • I know UD, and apparently the moron (you know who), fell for the post on KO. As you've shown at least 1000 times over, you are just eon's ahead of the rest. I'm not quite as skilled as you, but it's pretty obvious when I paint a perfectly technical picture, and post an actual picture of a stock chart, the majority cannot READ it correctly. Just like the one on KO, nobody was able to get it. People just don't understand what a MUSE is, and that's exactly why we always WIN. Nobody knows how to think anymore. Pondering is also an ability that few people understand or can do either. If there's a scam going on, most morons get fleeced easily, because they just fall for things they don't understand. Preparing for it does no good, if you never learned your ABC's in the first place. How come a duck always looks like it's smiling? How come most of the posters always make themselves look like they're having a painful heart attack? Must be our fault hmmmm? :)

    • QWAK,just4dummies, Aparently my MUSE was not chewing BUBBLE GUM wile she was wispering in my ear that time! :) LOL

      the DUCK

    • There... now turn off the lights and go to sleep.

    • The message is a FRAUD. It was not posted by the real uglyduck555. If you look very, very close there's a tell that proves it. You can't always fool everybody all the time, but you can for somebody some of the time. Very nice way to go, and an astounding peice of work! What does the real duck say to that one?

    • Hey UD... do you realize what you just did, and how? Somebody pinch me!!!!!!! Tell me I just read a perfectly laid out message from the duck, with his very own ID from the mounten top, with not one single word misspelled or out of place. This has to be a case of misplaced dyslexia. What happened?
      Don't let vlady see this. That whacko will never go for it.

    • You are cured!!! No more Dyslexia!! Spelling is much improved. Praise the Lord!!

    • QWAK,junkie KID, FEAR NOT! LOL

      Do you know how LONG it takes to ramp up mining production? HUMmmm It aint like fliping on a light switch! It can easely take 3 to 5 years to order and get new macheanery ordered and installed they don't sell that kind of stuff at Wal Mart!

      Because of the LOW price on both GOLD and SILVER for 20 years, MANY low grade mines were shut down or moth balled and EVEN if the POG hit $850.00 TODAY it would STILL take 3 to 5 years to get to max production and THAT as more mines each year peater out!

      New mines and even old mines are faced with all kinds of NEW enviromental restrictions and all THAT burocracy takes time and can be stalled for MANY YEARS.

      KID what YOU fail to comprehend is that physical GOLD is a SMALL FRACTION of what sets the POG! The POG is set by the STRING PULLING BANKERS selling PAPER GOLD and with virtualy unlimited NAKED SHORTING they can and HAVE BEEN controling GOLD and SILVER prices for a LONG TIME!

      YOU need to do your HOME WORK, in this here REAL WORLD cliff notes don't cut it! IF you are going to PLAY with MONEY you better KNOW and understand MONEY and THAT always means KNOWING about GOLD because IT is the ONLY REAL MONEY!

      the DUCK

    • Don't look now, Einstein, but the gold producers can turn on the 'ole printing press, too.

      And it looks like they ARE. And guess what? Higher gold prices make them want to produce MORE gold which is a deflationary counter force.

      If I were you, a holder of gold, I would pay very careful attention to emerging gold and silver mining capacity.

      Just something for you to PONDer.


    • that was pretty funny, i also live in Calif. (Orange County), i think i'll have to dis-own junkie, he's beginning to babble on like our Terminator, can't wait for Nov. 11-=YOUR GOING DOWN ARNOLD.

    • QWAK,junkie KID, "It tells you to stockpile oil, not gold!"--- LOL, HOW STUPID are you----- REALY,do they have an accuret TEST or are you OFF the CHARTS on every known STUPID TEST?

      Ware you going to stock pile YOUR OIL? In your basment or in your back yard? And HOW you going to MOVE it when you do sell it?!

      There is a REASON OIL is NOT MONEY but GOLD IS! You NEED to PONDER on that for a wile because YOU are sounding very STUPID! ;)

      You OBVIOUSLY did NOT comprehend ANY of the information at that sight! GOLD is MONEY has ALWAYS been MONEY and as long as people NEED to use MONEY,GOLD will be MONEY! 5000 years and GOLD is STILL MONEY!

      FIAT CURRENCY is a SUBSTITUTE for REAL MONEY it can be produced in INFINATE amounts and can be MULTIPLIED just by adding ZEROS! The ILUSION that FIAT currency is MONEY is the result of LEGAL TENDER LAWS that say you CAN and MUST use US DOLLARS, BUT it is NOT!!! MONEY!!!

      People accept DOLLARS as payment ONLY because the LAWS say they have to accept DOLLARS. IF they have an ALTERNITIVE that WORKS and REACTS and COMPENSATES for falling FIAT CURRENCY values as GOLD MONEY does then people CAN ELECTRONICLY buy and sell with REAL MONEY that always buyes about as much as it always DID!

      junkie Kid,IF you are going to PLAY with MONEY then you better take a CRASH CORSE on MONEY what "IT" IS and represents and its LONG HISTORY!

      Almost every on THINKS they know about MONEY but untill they actualy do some STUDING and searching on their own,only then will they LEARN that most of what they THOUGHT they knew was WRONG!

      Have a nice evening.
      the DUCK

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