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  • val_u_seeker val_u_seeker Mar 25, 2006 7:44 PM Flag

    Up 10% since Dines said sell CCJ

    CCJ has gone about about ten percent over the past week since Dines said to sell CCJ at its year-to-date low (I thought we were supposed to buy low and sell high- oh well).

    I wonder when the Dine's folks will buy back in?

    CCJ closed Friday less than one dollar away from its 50-day moving average OF $36.10 on increasing volume.

    I think Dines will have to give a buy signal before it reaches $40 or he will have a revolt on his hands!

    I've tried trading CCJ in the past and found it is just too hard because you have to be right twice on each trade... when you sell and when you buy back in (just like present Dines predicament). Very hard indeed.

    Looks like Nigeria is getting worse, Hugo is acting up again and Iran is pushing ahead with their nuke program. Very bullish for CCJ!

    Good Luck!

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    • I got ya......

      Dines: Obviously he profits from his subscribers coming and going. I guess the question is in the detail of how he profits and if one considers it moral or immoral? Or in his terms "high state or low state." Does he load or unload a position before he makes a call, I would presume so. Who wouldn't?

      Does he make intentional quick profits off the movement his readers create? Is that wrong if he does? After all, he build this little army of market movers. Again, I don't know.

      I guess the real question from a moral perspective is, does he manipulate his subscribers for personal gain? I don't know. I would hope not! He seems to have his readers best interest in mind. I suspect he smiles alot watching his monitor after he makes a call.

      I think he's a good guy, I know I am. We share three common interest, Photography, Stocks and Students of human nature. It' a Good thing that he's in this world.


    • Right on. And don't forget that CCJ has options, which can be used to pump up your gains. I used the silly panic of last week to double up on all my option positions. That's how to make out from the folks who always do "the EXACT wrong thing".

      His change of opinion was not so drastic. The reaction of some of his subscribers was, and now it's bounced back most of the way. Some people will never learn, and will always be doing the exact WRONG thing, which is to sell on spikes down and chase a stock as it spikes up......

    • >>Be careful.....reading a investment "self help" book and preaching.<<

      Since JPS is a subscriber, it was meant to be said with a little "toungue in cheek". Not trying to be too preachy. I should've used an improvised emoticon ;>) or something.

      >>The other question is what percentage of the time does Mr Dines profit before he makes the call?<<

      Good question. It is a fair debate as to whether it is better to have a newsletter writer "put their money where their mouth is". It isn't fair to expect someone to stay out of stocks that they consider to be good investments. As long as it is fairly disclosed (I have a position in this stock, and intend to be adding more in the future..." or whatever) then I don't have a problem with it.

    • >>What I don't accept is that Cameco's 'technical' situation changed so drastically from Friday's close to Monday's mid-afternoon to warrant a downgrade from him. ...<<

      His change of opinion was not so drastic. The reaction of some of his subscribers was, and now it's bounced back most of the way. Some people will never learn, and will always be doing the exact WRONG thing, which is to sell on spikes down and chase a stock as it spikes up. That just reduces your gains and increases your risk. It can be hard to get out of that followers' "herd" mentality, even when any decent chartist will tell you not to do it.

      That said, (and without revealing anything with a copywrite) for those that do their own homework, just look at any chart and you can see that CCJ is still in a mild correction. Will it last? I doubt it. Will CCJ continue up? Most likely. But look at IUC and DEN - other stocks that had a good run, and are now slowing down. Eric Sprott, prehaps Canada's best hedge fund manager, was saying a year ago that other stocks would start to outperform CCJ. Did HE sell ALL of his CCJ? No. But he reduced its weight in his funds' portfolios. CCJ has had a 12-fold increase in a little over 3 years; it has long-term hedges on the price of U3O8, so it will take longer for CCJ to fully take advantage of the price increases; and it is continuing to invest in other businesses that are not (yet?)growing as fast as the price of U3O8.

      Is CCJ still a long-term winner? IMHO, yes, ABSOLUTELY! But it is a more stable, less volatile, conservative play. Everyone is familiar with Just use their performance comparison charts to see how CCJ has advanced, relative to other U miners, whether they are Dine's picks or not. If you want a solid, steady gainer, CCJ is a perfect stock. If you want a moon-shot, you are going to have to take some more risk that some of your bets will be sitting on the launch pad for a long time, or worse, crash and burn. Each investor has to find their own risk reward balance.

    • no it was 36 when he said it was a hold
      as you can see it still under 36
      all it done is fill in the gap most of the way

    • I, too, have found it difficult to trade CCJ. But I finally figured out the best algorithm. I used it on BTU, too. Here's how it works:

      You take a look at the stratospheric P/E. You close your eyes. With your left hand (assuming you are right-handed) you hold your nose and with your right hand you key in the "buy" commands.

      Then you just wait. And the stock drifts unsteadily upward with each new dreadful piece of news in the petroleum sector.

      I have a limit "buy" at 32.75, good till cancelled. Somehow I don't think I'm going to get those shares.

    • you are another one of those people that doesn't know what DInes said. He does not have a sell on CCJ and I will leave it at that!

      You would know what he says if you bought his newsletter. You might even make awhole lotta dough!

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