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  • crazy1090631 crazy1090631 May 19, 2006 8:13 AM Flag

    I emailed pinetree and mega last night

    and I received replies from the companies. There seems to be noproblem with the companies. I have been invited to call two v.p.'s today to discuss andy concerns.

    I am impressed with the quick response.

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    • lol. actually a loss is NOT a loss until you've closed your position, just as a gain is not a gain until the position is closed. anything else is simply a drawdown or an increase in equity.

    • Thanks - that update sounds honest and is appreciated. I do agree that a loss is a loss whether on paper or realized - but I prefer to sit tight because (a) the fundamentals re CCJ in my opinion have not changed at all - only the perception of them b) I've never been very good at finding bottoms or tops c) am really under no time constraints / not margined at all d) not looking to trade at the moment. That said - good luck to you too re your future trades.

    • A loss is a loss whether on paper or not. People lost alot of money last time and never recovered because holding stocks on a story or dream. Stock price is all that matters. Comeback another day when ccj finally bottoms out which could be well below $30. I took my losses on ccj. I started buying at the high and all the way down to $40. Had to face reality and cut my losses @$39. Good thing i did that. Just be careful is all. With all respect good luck with ur future trades.

    • Like I said - week to week fluctations are of no concern to me.

    • (what I imagine he would say)
      My recommendations are up, on average, 1600%. I have been advising all along to be selling a portion of your winners so that you "will be playing with the house's money".

    • Just speaking the truth. The carnage did not even start yet. Next week even worse!

    • I agree, sell everthing, your house, stocks
      car, furniture, even your grandmother (just take what you can get for her) Get into
      the hills, right, run for your life, right again, start a cult if you can (I accept
      all members into mine) This is not the time
      to be strong, the sky is falling, get out,
      my god the end is near, ahhhhhh goodbye cruel

    • IMHO you're the one who's doing all the screaming !

    • The fact that Dines has remained completely
      silent over the past few weeks does not
      speak well for his creditability. The
      interim warning bulletin service (IWB) is,
      I assume, exactly what it says, a warning
      bulletin. In the past the IWB has served as
      no more than a cheerleading tool advising
      subscribers that the price of uranium has
      made a new high (information that is available
      from several different sources) Now in the
      face of ugly rumors regarding a Forbes article
      and many of the Dines Letter's buy recommendations being crushed, there is complete silence. If the past few weeks did
      not scream for several IWB's I have no idea
      what would. In short, either the service
      is complete useless or its being misused for
      selfish reasons.

    • What else do u need. THE MARKET IS SCREAMING GET OUT! Run for the hills run for ur life!

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