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  • bs572 bs572 Mar 17, 2011 2:48 PM Flag

    Will soon be gobbled up.

    At these levels BHP or China will move in for the kill.

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    • If ccj gets cheap enough there is nothing to stop another big Canadian miner from making an acquistion. Perhaps teck cominco from B.C.? I think it was bhp that was blocked in its takeover attempt of pot. pcz was allowed to be taken over by su another canadian company, but I think Su then became off limits to foreign takeover.

    • Maybe is attractive for countries that already have many reactors running or in build stage, they could get assured U at a bargain. The problem with that idea is I think ccj cannot be acquired by a foreign company/country. Its one of the few Canadian stocks that has limits on foreign ownership and i think head office has to remain in Canada. Interesting pot takeover by Australian firm was prevented recently and it did not have explicit legislation wheras ccj does. My theory is that in the future big oil in Canada and other countries might get takeover attempts blocked as well, although its not the current law/policy, other than for su.

    • Goobled up, for events in Japan.
      In the teens before this time next week.

    • As one of the few 'old guard' left on the board - I've got to tell you...

      You haven't the SLIGHTEST clue what you're talking about.

      Cameco cannot - repeat CANNOT - be acquired.

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      • yes jps-

        The board is now inundated with know nothings.

        After borshoff,s con. call re PALADIN it is up today on double volume. It is a possible bottom.

        The anti nuke hysteria promulgated by CNN and others is starting to reduce and reality will come back. 90% of the news on Japan,s tragedy has been entirely to create fear and sell their papers.

        The reactors will soon be controlled and very few people, will suffer from it---compared to those killed in the physical quake --sunami

        Coal has killed millions over the centuries and oil-ng has killed thousands and the automobile kills 3000 plus americans every year.these accidents are accepted, and eventually the very few nuclear accidents will be also.

        There is no effective alternative to nuclear power generation that will not produce massive carbon emissions.

        Cameco is becoming an excellent buying opportunity

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