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  • pctn25x pctn25x Dec 6, 2013 7:55 PM Flag

    Why Does Obamacare Have to Hammer the Middle Class Like This?


    My insurance premium has trippled, from $196 to $569. I can't even afford to stay insured for that price.

    So much for calling it the "Affordable (sic) Care Act".

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    • It should be called the Socialist Health care plan. Now you, through your premiums, get to help others buy their insurance. They could be overweight, smokers, drug uses, sky divers, alligator wrestlers, etc. You may not be any of those things. You could be a healthy person who doesn't do dangerous things. It just doesn't matter. NO FAULT INSURANCE paid for by the masses. No thanks!

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    • Cause he doesn't like white people. Most black people are the poor so they will get their insurance for next to nothing or free while the middle class pays higher premiums to cover the costs.

    • My personal view is that it should be called A.S.S.; an acronym for "Abominable Stool Sample", according to Ms. Pelosi's statement that we "...have to pass it to see what's in it."

    • "Affordable" was referring to the "wealth transfer to" class, not the "wealth transfer from" class. You are clearly in the latter class, sir. It was never meant to be affordable for people who are successful, or for the young, it was meant to indirectly tax them via their premiums. And clearly, that is what it is doing.
      People voted for the unknown, inexperienced BHO, solely for the reason that he is half-black, and they got what one would expect when you make a choice based on something that has NOTHING to do with the ability to do the job or even have the abillity to have the same values as most Americans.

    • You got 4 thumbs down??? I was just dealing with this Obamacrap today. I can keep my old policy that goes up to $500/mo for the family (for one more year with no changes allowed) or switch to the cheapest Obama policy at over $800/mo.

      So, in one more year, I will be forking out over $10k a year for healthcare that provides less than I have now. Not going to do it. Will drop coverage completely and put that $10k in a bank account. Eff Obama and his plan.

    • obama is an inept idiot! he is nothing more than a professional liar! My health insurance premium has more than doubled. Additionally, the co-pay and co-insurance has increased significantly! Obama Care was designed to force those who can afford higher premiums pay for the pool of Medicaid undesirables who cannot!

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