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  • energymanwins energymanwins Oct 1, 2013 1:47 PM Flag


    LESSON 1
    Bashers never bash bad stocks. You can watch the board for stocks with no potential. You’ll see pretty quickly that those stocks don’t have bashers. Bashers only go after stocks that are going upwards or have excellent potential to go up. Bashers get left behind, so they want to bring the price down.

    LESSON 2
    Bashers bring up old news that you have heard many times.
    New start-up companies always have a few bits of bad news. The basher will post these bits over and over again. The stupid basher will try to make the old news a bit fresher to try to fool you. Don’t be fooled!

    LESSON 3
    Bashers post many times a day. They try to wear you out. They comment on everything, every other post, and can answer every question. To hear them say it, they know it all.
    There is no positive comment they won't bash. They try to control the board with their negativity. If they seem to be working on this one stock full time, that’s because they are! Even more than full-time.

    LESSON 4
    Bashers will lie to your face (or your keyboard). Never trust a basher. The truth on start-up companies is that many mistakes are made and losses happen. The basher will try to make you believe all start-up companies make a profit, release financials every quarter, and have all aspects of the business running smoothly from the start. This is not true. Anyone who says it is true is either lying or ignorant. Don’t listen to either kind. Start-up companies can go years without profits; this is the nature of the beast.

    LESSON 5
    Bashers know that you can’t verify their statements. That's why they make the statements they do. You can’t check them out and you may just believe them and then they win. Either way, they don’t lose.

    LESSON 6
    Bashers play on your lack of knowledge. They count on the fact that they can lie about information and you won’t know the difference. And you won’t, unless you have done your assessment of the company and know truth fr

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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