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  • agent075 agent075 Jul 9, 1998 4:03 PM Flag


    Does anyone have any opinions on the impact of
    being able to choose your electric provider will have
    on UGI? Are you or anyone you know switching to or
    away from UGI as an electric provider?, and why?

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    • A buyout? hmmm.. maybe that's why the health benefits package got changed from cycling every Oct 1 to start on Jan 1 in 99. Any other news on GPU with UGI?

    • GPU just sold some power plnts in the east and were quoted saying they want to get into local gas utilities...buyout could be coming

    • you have a very good understanding of the
      company. I've had exposure to UGI for more than 20 years
      and your characterization has been applicable to the
      company during the entire period. Also, the sell on year
      end up-tick and buy on mid-year reversal has been a
      strategy I've used for a long time. Good

      The absolute best upside for the stock is a potential
      buyout but don't count these guys out as making a move
      to buy something along the way.

      Was a nice
      place to work years ago so I hope you find it the same
      today. LOL...........ts&ks

    • I am a relatively new employee at UGI in the gas
      division. UGI is a strong company, but has the potential of
      a buyout from a larger energy company. Don't put
      too much merit in end of year stock prices. Portfolio
      and mutual fund managers tend to buy up utility stock
      at the end of the year with cash reserves to reduce
      the amount of cash on the balance sheets. That's what
      caused the spike in late 1997 and early 1998. Look for
      the stock to keep climbing slowly until the new year.
      Sell and rebuy when it falls again. As far as the
      impact of electric deregulation, UGI is not taking a
      very aggressive approach to marketing electric energy.
      Quite frankly, the electric division is more of a ball
      and chain on the company than a margin builder. The
      plant is old, and the customer base is extremely small.
      The gas division management is very strong, but
      hardly progressive. Don't look for UGI to make any
      alarming decisions anytime soon.

    • Does anyone know what the experts are predicting for the weather this winter? A cold winter should make this stock do well.

      Just curious...

    • I am in the process of purchasing my first home.
      I have always been happy with my energy supplier,
      however as a UGI shareholder I am considering changing
      when I move. I will look into their reputation as an
      electric utility and compare prices, but otherwise have no
      other reason to switch.

      As far as an investment
      choice I would GUESS that this should be a great
      opportunity for UGI to expand their business. Keep in mind
      that many other states are also looking into
      electricity deregulation. Maybe UGI should be thinking merger
      with large electric utility from elsewhere to be in
      better position to grow in the country - maybe an east
      coast supplier.

      I too would like to get others'
      opinions on this subject.

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