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  • kahangabriel kahangabriel Dec 1, 2007 7:51 PM Flag

    Growth - Overpriced?

    I don't know a lot about this company, I just saw that it beat estimates so I took a look at its products and I think theyre amazing. I think the company is a winner but I want to know about the stock. Is the stock overvalued or do you think it will continue with its amazing growth and continue to beat consensus.
    Thank You

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    • I am actually sorry a message board has opened for Athena. Now all the BS will begin. Let's see if I can nip it in the bud, and remove the need for others to post the following typical message board garbage.

      "$$$ WARREN BUFFET IS BUYING ATHENA!!!!!!!!!! $$$"

      "This POS is overvalued and will tank. TIMBERRRRRR!!!"

      "Somebody knows something!!!! Athena to the MOOOOON!!!"

      "Big boys are buying/selling"

      "Chart action shows a double bottom, head and shoulders, cup and handle, or a bunny rabbit."

      "Those lousy MM's are manipulating us again..."


      "I am on the phone with investor relations right now"

      "Cramer says..." <---Hate THIS one the most

      Oh I am sure there are more, but they are so tedious.

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      • Ha, ha, ha, ha. Very good, Fiduciary Clairvoyant. What a wonderful send-up for Christmas. Of course, it's only funny because you are right on the money with all the naive BS that gets posted. But I, for one, find it amusing to read this stuff. After all, these are CONSUMER message boards and we sure can't expect to find real institutional level discussions going on here.

        I work in the industry and I can tell you that even the supposedly smarter institutional investors sometimes aren't much better than what you see here.

        So thank you for your humorous post today, and Merry Christmas!

        -- Reality

    • not at all, just done my research, read my posts.

      best of luck to all.

    • stryeyes sounds like someone who works for this company.
      the company is recenty public and a majority of the shares are tied up by internal sn mgmt and the vc's. wait for the blackout period to end to see what happens here...more to come...

    • Stock is fairly valued at this level, given growth opportunities. If you are long, stay long. If you are looking to buy, wait for a cheaper entry point.

    • Yeah they have super product and damn near a monopoly on the segment did some heavydd on it was all fanfastic ,will post new info here but set that profit on auto pilot 3-11% set and forget well almost listen to the cc and was top shelf. Lets see if they keep xecuting they just bought ton of new office facilities ,lg square footage

    • No doubt that they are not being compared to typical HIT vendors and I would imagine most of the banks are looking at 09 numbers so most of the value is baked in. That said, they will have to keep making their numbers in the next few quarters - which I think they will and also make some moves to justify the stock price. If they do that then I could see this thing go to 50-55 by mid 2008. Everything I have read about them points to a strong mang team that has unique market opp as a service outfit. I am hoping to see some news out of them and where their EMR product goes.

      All in all, ATHN seems to be the stock many have hoped for in HIT for years. MDRX was positioned as the golden child for some time but their obsession with selling to large academic centers and the natural install issues that comes with that has made them miss numbers and lose a whole lot of credibility. ATHN has a nice position in the lower, mid and enterprise market.

      I also like that athena is 100% web-based which gives them a very consistent rev stream and they can implement small groups a heck of a lot easier, which I said in my last post.

      I saw they just bought a new facility in Maine, I like this move and my hope it this extra capacity will allow them to sustain their growth. Went on their site and here is a link to the press conference. The CEO Bush, who I saw speak as conference once is by far the most dynamic CEO in all of healthcare IMO. Glad we have some folks chatting here. Let�s hope for some good news coming out as the quarter closes.

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      • They may just be a little ahead with the stock price at this level? It appears they have a great product,and some
        smart staff? But will they be able to keep up the growth need to raise the stock price? It appears they are in need
        of HIGH QUALITY PEOPLE and Boston is REAL THIN in any medical area? But Why go to Maine it does not make sense
        at this time?? Did buy some shares at $39.00 in the last
        pull back? If your looking for a niche player in Medical,
        you may want to look at PHST. A small software developer
        with a great cash flow and is profitable??? Just got listed
        on the NASDAQ a few days ago. Good investing.

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