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  • afranzon afranzon Aug 13, 2008 9:20 PM Flag

    Park's resignation cannot be good.

    As a former employee of Athenahealth (pre-IPO), I have always been a big fan of them. I can say though, that Todd Park was the brains behind the operation. I'm not very clear on why he's leaving and selling off shares. He's still very young. Any thoughts on this?

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    • I can tell most of you are amateurs by thinking this
      is of any issue. Its not.

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      • Hey Hunchy, Perhaps you will turn out correct. However, you have not backed up your opinions with any evidence. I guess folks like the great Peter Lynch and Warren Buffet who very much believe in looking at things from a practical standpoint of a company and getting even the janitor's take on how things are running at a company, are also amateurs. Many times the folks on Wall Street are the LAST people to know the real inside deal. For example, employees of Oxford Health Plans knew there were troubles while Wall Street were still very bullish on that stock. If Todd's brother Ed is still involved, then maybe there is nothing to worry about. Does anyone know if he's still there? We must though, not overlook the trend of how slowly but surely, Todd is walking away.

    • It's called wanting to take a break and have a family after working so hard so bring athena public. Wife and he just had their first son.

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      • Definitely a hard worker. I witnessed that first hand. Also his brother, Ed is a hard worker as well. I'm happy to see his family is growing and certainly it's important to spend time with them. My question to you though would be, why was it so important for him to make sure that ALL of his stock is available for sale. If the future of Athena was so sound then why would he want to be liquid?

    • I can think of about 16 million reasons!

      He holds approx 900k shares and sounds like it is his intention is to sell those shares upon resignation.

      I agree, he is the co-founder and brains behind this company.

      When he starts another company, it's a good idea to invest in it!!

      Best of luck Mr. Park!

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      • millerjones Aug 14, 2008 8:04 AM Flag

        old news, he took a fluff job back in Januray - Chief athena or whatever. If you look at the filing he only sold around 200k as part of his vesting plan. Still on the board and i can care less if the company keeps delivering the results they have

        if he sells out completely we will know, but i doubt that - but this will certainly give fuel to the shorts - so short away and get squeezed again.

      • Thanks 3rd base!! Do you think that with his decision to bail and with him no longer involved with Athenahealth, that the company is not going to fair well? If his 900K shares were going to continue to increase in value, why wouldn't he stay??

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