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  • rain_proof rain_proof Feb 22, 2011 8:03 AM Flag

    Bushnut on CNBC

    What a friggin egomaniac. He describes the product as "his biosphere" yet openly states it depends 100% on the Microsoft cloud. Anyone "investing" in the company should think twice.

    Your CEO is a maniacal, ego driven wacko who doesn't know $hit except taking other people's money. He's just a talking head who couldn't even understand the very first step in programming - "Hello, World".

    But he has managed to take $4.23M of YOUR money by exercising some of the options he stuffed his pockets with. And therein lies his only motive. Let's use this last and get rich!

    Caveat Emptor suckers, Caveat Emptor!

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    • Oh good the haters are back. How we've missed you.

      You might want to go back and watch the video again, but this time actually listen to him rather than your own irrational rants.

    • And now the nutter has convinced the board to buy a RESORT that cost $130mm to build. Even if they buy it for $21mm, it is a waste of money.

      Why does this guy still have a job?

      Apparently the deal closes today. WIll they even announce it? Do they have to announce spending that much cash?

      Shareholders should inundate their switchboard with calls asking to STOP THIS NONSENSE and do not let them buy Point Lookout.

      Why does Athena need an astroturf baseball field and soccer field?

      They have submitted for planning permission to build a deep sea dock too so Bush can visit his family on North haven! Who is paying for this? The fools invested in the stock!

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