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  • georgespelvin Oct 23, 2012 12:15 AM Flag

    Fair Price

    Audit committee board member announces he will not seek re-election at annual meeting. Hmm.
    Athn down over 25 points and in my opinion headed much further down. I will cover at 40. I think it should go to 20. Another smart guy thinks 12. The two issues are that the longs have no clue what Athena software is and is not. Same for the idiot analysts. And the market will ultimately reflect the truth. Second issue is the insane numbers they post of which there are two types....legit ones that prove the structural problems and the SEC sanctioned fake ones that insanely add back into profits all stock based compensation. It is insanity. The SEC should be jailed for allowing it and the news services and analysts should be spanked for even covering the stock.
    One day he SEC is going to allow crooks to cite a financial parameter they will name EBITLOBS. Which will be Earnings Before Interest, Tax and Lots of Bad Stuff.

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