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  • chad_work2001 chad_work2001 Nov 3, 2012 9:26 AM Flag

    Bulls Are Bait

    Any comment posted on this message board that is without support for the perspective, should be ignored.

    Here is my support for a Strong Sell:

    - Insiders selling like rats escaping a sinking ship,

    - P/E should be 10, but it's 125!

    - Return on Equity dirt-poor,

    - Sell signals on October 8th,

    - Price gap between Oct 18th and 19th indicating an avalanche downward,

    - Price peaked on August 6th 2012 and has been in a down-trend since.

    - Downtrends indicate one should be short not long. The trend is your friend: When the market goes up, one should trade long, when the market goes down one should be short,

    - These people posting Bull statements have no facts to backup their stupid opinions. They are trying to bait ignorant people.

    - non-Generally-Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) methods are typically used to "make the numbers look better". Let me translate that for you: to lie to you, to stretch the truth, etc.,

    - There is no company-provided news reflecting what can be seen by looking at the price, indicating a hiding of truth.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Oh, I forgot to add:

      - Earnings are weak

      - No dividends paid. Let me ask you: Would you loan money to someone without getting paid interest or have collateral? Banks don't do it. If you wouldn't loan me money without a guarantee of payment in the future why would you loan ATHN money by buying their stock, without them paying you a dividend? Why would you simply "hope" their price will be higher in the future than you bought it in the past? That's referred to as "gambling".

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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