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  • georgespelvin Dec 5, 2012 6:37 PM Flag

    Stock price

    The current P/E makes sense only if revenues grow significantly and margins grow significantly. And grow by larger margins than the P/E

    Neither of those things is true.

    In three years no insider has bought a share of this stock other than as a round trip sale.

    Now Bush wants to play Landlord. Pride goeth before the fall. I guess he gets tired of solving medical billing issues once in a while and he needs to spend some time choosing window treatments.

    The institutions still have big profits that they can take at a lower rate this month than the smaller profits they will pay higher rate taxes on next year

    The Perfect Storm.

    If they have brains in their heads.

    Unless they have Information that they are not allowed to have.

    The whole thing is a riddle.

    These companies come and go. But most have more glitter than just being a hosted almost billing service.

    Ten years from now ( the needs for which motivated the purchase of this campus according to Bush ) nobody will remember the name Athena. Just as nobody knows what Healtheon was which had a $1 billion IPO and was a joke, a decade ago.

    No stock deserves to be considered by non GAAP measures. Just as you do not invent blood pressure metrics to obfuscate the standard metrics in use by the entire worlds supply of medical science

    These non GAAP metrics are laughable.

    But even using these insane numbers the shares of this company are more than three times over priced. Unless there is some private information. Which is both illegal and doubtful.

    I guarantee you there is not a single person in any of the institutions that own the bulk if thus company that have ever written a line of code or worked in a CBO.

    Anyone notice that George W. has bleached his hair beach boy blond? Such a weird family. They seem to possess hypnotic powers. Problem is when you wake up you are not only naked but your wallet is empty.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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