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  • georgespelvin Jan 25, 2013 12:29 AM Flag

    Short squeeze

    Up $1 yesterday as I recall in first hour with just 16,000 shares. Typical short squeeze panic. There are nearly 7 million shares short. Nothing has changed since the ride down except for some press releases. No numbers. I am out until numbers come out. If they are perceived as good I will stay out. If they are perceived as bad I will short again. The reason I hang around is that this is such a good pig that you do not have to eat it at one time. I cannot imagine any numbers that could be good enough to justify the P/E.

    I cannot remember a single supporting data point made by any supporter if this stock on this board.

    My problem is not with the company. My problem is the stock.

    Shmuckrates: you don't get to me. I thought I made it clear that you get to yourself. I do not even know if you own a single share. All you do is take pot shots. You devalue the forum. You are puerile, mean, petty and offer no substantiation of anything. You are empty calories.


    How about discussing the numbers or is the only thing you know the direction of the stock price. Because if that is so you will develop deep circles under your eyes. I followed this up for the better part of one year before I shorted it and it deserved to be shorted the entire year.

    I shorted and rode down 30 points and then lost 10 points up before I covered for a net of 20 points. I will wait to ride down again. The whole thing took a couple of months.

    This company is not an EMR play. It is half a billing service with a lackluster EMR with huge sales expense, little hand holding.

    The major players in the field one and two rungs up are all in trouble.

    The Epics and Cerner clients are not and will not be prospects for ATHN.

    Hosting is no trick and no differentiator even if you scream CLOUD loudly.

    Interestingly the one company that does seem to be knocking off large practices that formerly used to go with more major players (read expensive with loads of imp and training and support) is eClinical.

    But Shmuckrates does not have to understand any of this. He is just gifted. He knows without having to study or learn. Shmuckrates has answers. The rest of us search for them.

    So how many shares do you have at what basis?

    That answer would comprise two numbers.

    I realize numbers are not your thing but slum for a moment and enlighten us.

    What is your experience?

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Agree - Just need to get past some of the major companies earnings. Markets are way OverBought as is ATHN. VIX is below 13 and tells me to prepare for a correction. Too many headwinds. Good trading to all and remember to do your own DD and make your own decisions
      Be well - Health first then everything else can be accomplished - uf

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