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  • georgespelvin Jan 31, 2013 3:53 PM Flag


    Yahoo msgs are designed for peo;ple who want to say "This pig sucks" or "This baby is going to the moon." It is not designed for anyone to post a link, a chart, an object, any formatting. It is designed for moronic communications. Maybe that is why their stock is where it is. They have no vision. No point of view. They go through the motions. Neither fish nor fowl. No raison d'etre anymore. So much opportunity and so little xploitation of it. There will no no Yahoo in five years. I could name five search engine+portals nobody under the age of 30 ever heard of. Ten years from now Yahoo will be among them.
    Yahoo is as much of a sell as is Athena. Will just take longer. The only entity that would buy them would be Microsoft. They only buy losers. Or they buy winners to make them losers, as in Foxpro. So much money, so little value.
    Back to Athena.
    I shorted it today. Could not wait for the earnings.
    If I had to paint the scenario of the earnings announcement I would say that it will look good after hours and be deconstructed the next day. They have TWO acquisitions that need to be extricated. In one of them the law firm of #$%$ and #$%$, LLP, is suing the execs of the acquired company claiming they did not get full value. The execs got cash. They were facing a brick wall. #$%$ and #$%$ represent themselves. They will get $2,50 for every shareholder (not per share...just $2.50) and $25 million for themselves.
    The point is they were scared. In private they knew what they faced. They dressed up their financials for a sale and they had enough resolve to refuse stock and demand cash. The law firm knows this but why let that get in the way of making money.
    So now Athena has the company that the old management was afraid to continue to own.
    It is a life cycle. The acquired company was where Athena will be down the road.
    Going public is an exit strategy today.
    Every month Bush and company sell, sell, sell.
    And in the last quarter the institutions have been selling.
    Step right up! Get your shares!
    Only sissies are afraid of 176 to 1!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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