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  • georgespelvin Feb 8, 2013 3:36 PM Flag

    Up 3 plus points Impressive.

    Now p/e over 180!
    Bush even gave lower guidance.
    This is acting like a private company. Maybe the institutions are buying the remaining float to protect themselves.
    The conf call was the damnedest thing I have ever heard.
    Including the refusal of the "analysts" to ask meaningful questions.

    Bush spoke about things the analysts could not possibly have understood and in such metaphoric terms that only someone as inculcated in those concepts as he could understand him.

    His own CFO has no clue what the hell Bush is talking about.

    Bush is brilliant in discussing the problems.
    But he is off his rocker when he purports to be have solved much.

    I have seen this half a dozen times in three decades.

    He is a magical thinker. And incredibly articulate. And entertaining. So much so that nobody brings him back to earth. He is a charismatic leader.

    Who buys a ten year old money losing business that just got an $80 million cash infusion and pays $300 million that has half the doctors in America as clients on free services just because almost all docs have heard of them? They have also all heard about Coca Cola and Haagen Dasz Ice-cream.

    With 40,000 clients you need only references.

    The P/E of this stock is a towering monument to Bush's charisma.

    The institutions will take it private or start to unload.

    The stock price is insane.

    Epic takes 18 months to implement. He has no clue.

    And the idea that he will get small doc imp and training down to one day and give it away is both magical thinking operatively and alarming financially.

    IDX and Med Man each had 175,000 doctors and 2,400 employees.

    Bush claims to have 40,000 doctors and claims to have 2,400 employees.

    And the magic sauce is what?

    Cloud computing!

    The word cloud is the new Internet.

    They should outlaw the words cloud and awesome.

    Cloud means NOTHING.

    IBM was the largest timeshare computer vendor in the world in 1968. Where were their computers? In what is called today the cloud.

    Cloud means OFFSITE. HOSTED.

    PERIOD. It is not a solution to anything material to the problem of medical billing and EHR.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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