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  • mghmd mghmd Mar 4, 2013 10:44 PM Flag

    ATHN did not make the top 5 in ranking by MDs of EHR

    EHR Report 2012: Physicians Rank Top EHRs
    August 23, 2012

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    We asked physicians to rate their EHRs on a scale of 1 (dislike most) to 5 (like most) for 12 factors: (1) easy to learn; (2) ease of data entry; (3) overall ease of use; (4) ease of EHR implementation; (5) reliability; (6) adequacy of vendor training program; (7) vendor continuing customer service; (8) interactivity with other office systems; (9) value for the money; (10) physician overall satisfaction; (11) staff overall satisfaction; and (12) appearance/overall usefulness of the end product (notes, consultations, etc.)

    In Medscape's 2012 survey, the 5 top-ranked EHRs were Amazing Charts, Practice Fusion, VA-CPRS, and Medent. In Medscape's 2009 survey, the top-ranked EHRs were Amazing Charts, MediNotes, VA-CPRS, Misys (now Allscripts), and Practice Partner and eClinicalWorks tied for fifth place.

    (Note: The survey analysis did not weight results by number of users of each EHR brand.)

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    • georgespelvin Mar 5, 2013 9:35 PM Flag

      I think Practice Fusion is free. And highly regarded.
      This is the conundrum being faced by EHR marketers.
      Similar competition pressures hitting EHR that hit PMS vendors.

      Athena can only make it as a billing service. They do not have the staff depth to compete for large system deployments that require intense on site implementations.

      Epic, one brand, has half the doctors in America and the majority of the largest practices.

      Companies like NextGen can roll out systems to 200 doctors.

      Athena cannot. Yet. And maybe never. Despite the press releases.

      The market they are strong with has competitors like Kareo. $100 per month.

      But Athena can make it as a billing service because there are almost no practices that do billing well. Only because they are doctors they don't know it and never will.

      They are like trauma patients who have ten minutes to live who tell the ER doctor they are against elective surgery. If it were not for medicine god knows how they could make a living.

      But hue question for Athena becomes what is a reasonable price for the stock.

      We are now just shy of 200 times earnings and 100 times the forward earnings the nattering analysts faithfully relay for management.

      I have no clue how high this will go. But I do know where it will settle.

      Apple sells for under 10 times earnings.

      Amazon is another insanity.

      Insanity is fun late at night and bloody hell the next morning.

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