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  • georgespelvin Mar 28, 2013 5:00 PM Flag

    Which way from here.

    At 200 times earnings and seven times sales and a PE four times its earnings growth it seems highly unlikely there is a good case to buy OR stay long.

    Where do the longs expect this thing to go? To the moon?

    It has retraced to its high and died.

    Do longs expect 110? 120? 150?

    This is what you call a story stock. Stories work until they run out of new plot. Earnings work forever. Acquisitions of meaningless companies is one of the last chapters in the book.

    I have seen it so many times I am amazed it is possible to do it over and over each time with a new stock and new names.

    I think this stock will break through 58 before it breaks through 110.
    Just have to wait.

    It is a good company but a laughable stock.

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    • PPS stopped right at 110, lol. Your call is safe for now!
      Appreciate your informative and humorous posts.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • "I think this stock will break through 58 before it breaks through 110."

      Hey George. Please don't make predictions. Surely you remember what happened last time you tried to play Nostradamus. Where's Socrates to set you straight.

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      • georgespelvin Apr 9, 2013 4:57 PM Flag

        You mean when it went from 97 to 58...
        Where do any of you longs expect this stock price at these multiples to go from here?
        One can argue with a short bet. There is no sense whatever to a long bet.
        Even if this grows at the same 11% rate it has grown (PROFITS, not whatever else it likes to report) it will take years to grow into this price. And the CEO even said to expect the net margins to go down as they attempt to digest handling their new large clients. Further, the last acquisitions they made are cake decoration. They are meaningless to profit.
        The whole thing is laughable unless they expect GE to make the same mistake with this they made with Millbrook and IDX.
        Not one post on this board has made any substantive case for going long here. They just say dumb things like you do or Boy I love this stock!

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