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  • georgespelvin Apr 18, 2013 2:05 PM Flag

    Amazingly resilient

    Shows that this is largely independent of the market. It will rise or fall on its own merits, or the merits of the sector, not the market in general. Still a seamless sequence of sells from management, even gaining note from an info service. A director sells 9,000 shares but this pales next to the hundreds of thousands of shares that have been granted and continue to be spun out each and every month. The institutions and bankers that own this will have to get out in some sort of acquisition by an even larger and dumber entity or it will crash and burn. ATHN can buy revenue and it can buy prestige and high profile but it cannot buy profits. The last acquisition is a joke. A company on the balls of its #$%$ that bills its paying doctors $10 a month. These are the same doctors who buy toothpaste and drink orange juice. Why not buy Colgate or Tropicana? ATHN new client press releases are interesting for what they do not say. They do not say that the new clients are billing clients. They do not specify contract terms. That is what happens when you live quarter to quarter. You struggle to look good now and you increase the challenge of looking good next quarter and the quarter after. You choke quietly.

    Of course I could be wrong! I have been wrong before. The only difference between me and the longs on this board is that I have reasons I am short while the longs have exhortations. The most cogent case for longs, as I recall, was "This is my favorite stock!!!! Go Athena!!!" Right from the pages of Graham. Why bother to think when you can simply wish?

    But we will see, so do not bother to lambaste this post...

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