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  • georgespelvin May 2, 2013 11:14 PM Flag

    Wall Street Cheat Sheet is full if Sheet

    There headline should be grounds for imprisonment.
    They made $0.02 this quarter. If you don't count 35 cents per share in costs they made $0.37.
    If you don't count another 35 cents per share in costs they would have made $0.72 per share.
    If they were Apple they would have made $10 per share.
    If a bull had #$%$...

    Don't worry longs. Bush says you need to think of this company in a new way. You need to think about all the money his clients make! $2.6 BILLION.

    Focus on that. Not Athena. Think BILLIONS.
    And think about how he has created a system for the first time physicians can exchange clinical data. Of course it helps if you don't know what a Health Information Exchange is.
    And now they are landlords. And now they own Epocrates which was a real coup. Yessir. They can now try to sell that for $10 per month per doctor to the ones who don't use the free version.

    If this sucker goes up now I will short more.
    The market is worse every single day and this stock has an insane valuation that has with time gotten worse not better.
    It is like WebMD was. The idiots who bought it on the beginning were lucky. They were the first fools. Now we are at the last fool stage. The early idiots were so sure that they bought up almost all the stock and for them to sell to realize their gains would take THREE MONTHS and drive the price down to nothing.

    The only thing they can do us start confusing the issue with acquisitions and mergers just like WebMD did.

    They will leave behind them a trail of little guy losers while they use every merger event to lighten up.

    Take a look at Athena Balance Sheet.
    Accounts Receivable up by 50% in one quarter.
    Half the assets are intangible.

    Smoke and mirrors and they have pimps behind them who crow superlatives with every horrid result.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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