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  • georgespelvin May 3, 2013 8:03 PM Flag

    Screaming Buy Now

    That the old current P/E is 179!!!!
    In fact if you multiply 2 cents by 4 you get 8 cents and thus a stock price of 80 cents is 10 times earnings and a stock price of $8 is 100 times and a stock price of 80 is 1,000 times earnings.

    Every quarter there will be what they call extraordinary one time non recurring charges and they will ask you to disregard the stock they use to compensate heir employees (that you pay for).

    This is a stock for idiots.

    Every month the insiders sell relentlessly. They now have less than 1% of the outstanding shares.

    What the hell does an idiot long with $10,000 and an Etrade account know that the CEO does not?


    If you know nothing else you should know that.

    They have now screwed the pooch by buying a charm bracelet company for hundreds of millions and bought real estate and started an incubator company and next who knows what. Maybe a chain of hair salons.

    The trick is to follow the pea and do as they say (buy) not as they do ( which is sell sell sell) and pretend that the earnings were 37 cents.

    The earnings were TWO CENTS. Earnings is a technical term. Not a wish.

    How low can this go? It depends on how long it takes to start there. The longer it takes the more savage will be the drop because the more bitter will be the disappointment.

    The last time it went to $56. I don't know if it will get there this quarter but I would bet it blows by that two quarters from now after the fake earnings that Epicrates saved up are exhausted with the diabolical inverse effect post fake quarter.

    That is how it works. First quarter post acquisition has all these saved up sales. The hope, never realized, is that somehow they will plug the hole by the time it appears. With sales (which never happens) or with another story acquisition which will enable Bush to tell you that the way you thought about the company before is not the right way to think about it now.

    I should hang a shingle out that says, "Psychic".

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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