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  • georgespelvin May 28, 2013 6:02 PM Flag


    Imagine developers streaming to the Datapolooza to show Athena stuff they can use all for the low, low price of $15,000. Of course they can use the entries that don't get the $15,000 prize too.
    It is as if they think everyone is a moron. Innovators have not done things like this on Planet Earth since the 17th century when intellectual property laws were created in England. The Industrial Revolution would not have happened without these protections. Developers should run to this lollapalooza and throw their inventions on the table and then leave, all except for one that leave with bus fare for home?

    Weird idea. I guess this is intended to excite doctors who probably do not think of things like intellectual property. Yet, when you think about it this is no less sensible than the business plan of a casino in which you get all these people to fly to the Nevada desert from all over the world for the purpose of throwing their money on tables covered in green felt, and then running home to tell their neighbors and friends what a good time they had.

    S&P has a 1- for a valuation rating. One being the lowest. 1-, being lower. They have a fair value of $67. I assume their relatively high valuation has to do with a formula that predicts expanding increases in net profits from the very considerable increases in revenue. But the net margins are low and going lower and acquisitions like Epocrates will do nothing for net profits or margins. The market is getting dicier, not less.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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