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  • georgespelvin Jul 18, 2013 7:19 PM Flag


    The trick in business is not revenue. It is profit. It is no trick to drive revenue if you don't care about profit. It is also no trick to show high margins if you do not expense your expenses but instead issue stock. There has also never ever been any case of a successful outcome for shareholders when the insiders sell virtually every share they got initially and then afterward. But what do I know? I am certainly not shorting this stock until mgt has exhausted the pool of greater fools. I feel sorry for the shorts because they are right but are getting killed.

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    • i think most analysts are modeling Asencion as same revs/same margins as any other deal, but reading through the lines on the call, it will take longer to implement and the margins will be lower than what they are modeling

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      • georgespelvin Jul 19, 2013 11:45 AM Flag

        If most analysts are modeling it at standard rates they have never run a business. Which is probable true. Epic could get a deal that size for four times the fee. ATHN would have to buy a deal that size. In addition they are buying deals all over the place. They have one story. Revenue. The institutions own almost all of this. They are stuck. They cannot get out without driving the stock down to $40. Every real number that comes out of mgt demonstrates they have adverse economies of scale and that the more business they get the less they make at the margins. On top of that they report false numbers that add back depreciation and amortization and take out stock based compensation. On top of that they sell every share they get their hands on. It is a promotion.

        Analysts are worthless. Worse than worthless. They are you enemy. They are paid to screw shareholders. And sanctioned by the SEC. As is mgt. Russia would watch out for you more than the SEC.

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    • listening to the call, the C in CEO must stand for Cheerleader
      everything is wonderful always

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