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  • scomasea scomasea Dec 8, 2008 9:40 AM Flag

    I also bought @.04 I

    DOUBLED down at .20 and then more than double down again at .04 and owned about 4 x's the amount of shares originaly owned in the recent past "I did buy plc many years ago at $3.00 and sold at $9.01" plc eventually went to $33.00 and imo. there is a better chance now for tmr to live upto it's expectation w/using spy combined w/tmr and plc does not have to even reach it's former potential even doing between 8k to 10k tmr's per year should make a nice profit,say plc earned $1k per tmr laser kit sale after all expense's and salary's paid 8k laser kit's x's $1k = $8 million and thats saying plc can 4 x's current laser kit sales approximately but even plc can double tmr laser kit sales plc imo. should beable to profit $4 million a year but imo. be thinking plc could only clear $1k per laser sale's is a low estimate imo. w/that type of laser kit sales volume plus there is renal guard.........unedited

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    • Scom, you continue to live in a dream world: your expectations of TMR coming back from the dead flies in the face of Novadaq's numbers, as well as the very limited success--if one wants to call it that--of CGCP's most hearty, diligent, skillful, attempt to promote it with the most recent technology. And, your dream world also extends to your oft-repeated notions of Edwards getting re-involved with PLC, even though they were desperate, and happy, to have disassociated with PLC's TMR business in all respects.
      All that said, I reiterate and concur with PLC being a buy in the .03-.04 range, given RG's possibilities.

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      • participant,so for plc to basically double kit sales from approximately 500 to 1k kit sales per qrt. is dreaming ? and then for plc to double kit sales again is lofty and unrealistic ? plc tmr procedure has a potential market pool of 80k Patient's per year in the USA alone who are potential candidates for plc tmr procedure and if u noticed international kit sales had a nice little pick-up in sales of laser kits,something like 40 kit sales,small but I was encouraged..........perhap's the laser kit sales came from Canada since novadaq is a company from Canada and also plc founder and inventor of co2 laser is Canadien.........also novadaq believes there spy image could inrease plc tmr procedure's.spy better inable surgeon's to know better where to strike the laser which was a problem and combined that w/stem cell imo.................also there are approximately 180 lasers placed thru-out the USA and if on average each plc laser placed did one tmr procedure a week that would equate to almost 10k plc tmr procedure per year and don't forget about renal guard....................what do u think plc can do in the future ? and why are u investing in plc ? is it dark cloudy and snowing where u r ? look like the sky is falling ? lol. it's sunshine here baby