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  • scomasea scomasea Apr 24, 2009 11:11 PM Flag

    What price ?

    Wonder what price Edward's would offer PLC in a buyout ? Edward's does own over 5 million share's of PLC now leaving 25 million share's to buy PLC entirely,Edward's would be buying PLC Product's and not the current revenue's so imo. if Edward's believe in PLC Lazer tmr procedure combined w/novadaq's spy imaging and renal future imo. they maybe able to buy plc for about $33 million dollar's or $1.50 a share

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    • nice to see plc @ .13 at the end of the day on friday bid .12 ask .145 and also nice to see the bid up along w/the .14 high of the day,not a big spread and o.k. volume but imo. could be a start of a rally for plc,if not imo. a good 1st qrt. report coming w/the best laser kit sale's ever for plc AND THEN A HUGE SPIKE imo. and average laser slae's imo. and also look for partnership for renal guard to continue renal FDA trial's SOON AND also a additional marketing partner for renal guard outside of Italy in the E.U...........OR PERHAP'S A BUYOUT BY EDWARD'S IMO. IS ALWAY'S POSSIBLE CONSIDERING EDWARD'S STILL OWN 5 MILLION PLUS SHARE'S OF PLC..............IMO. .50 SOON NO MATTER WHAT AND POSSIBLY TRADE OR SELL SOME OR HOLD OUT FOR ABOVE $1.00 AT LEAST IMO. IN 2009 ,CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATE FOR A SPECULATION ON PLC FUTURE NEAR TREM IMO. !