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  • scomasea scomasea Aug 10, 2009 8:04 PM Flag

    renal guard

    renal guard is doing outstanding so far w/3 orders from italy and spain and pak & bang adding to rev's soon and several other major country's was mention w/possible deal soon w/ireland being one of them,renal imo. will soon be adding at least 1.2 million to rev's per qrt. w/taking this in account what i mention and plc will sign ireland ect. that was mention soon and rev's from all these countries will continue to increase orders and then add more back to normal tmr laser and kit sales it's quite likely to at least start having $4 million in rev's qrt's in the 4th qrt. of 2009

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    • Thats very agressive, 4M rev in 4Q-09. However, we may get serious market traction after the study publishes and the 3 major dog-n-pony shows in the houses of the holy.
      In theory, PLC's 4Q rev may only be limited by their ability to fullfill orders and ship. Looking at their assets on the balance sheet, it doesn't look like they have that much product on hand. How fast can they make these units?
      Ireland will help, but to get to 4M we'll need a big chunk of the EU. If the stars align, 4M is do-able.
      I'm thinking the odds are we'll be seeing a continuous growth in revs toward 2-3m a quarter by 2Q-10; however, your "big bang theory" is possible if the study and presentations really sizzle...

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      • plc shipped i believe about $600k renal guard product so far imo. Italy 1st shipment was about $144k U.S. and Italy placed a 2nd order and Spain seem to have order about $300k AND SEEMS PAK & BANG will be ordering and not only Ireland PLC is in talks with but was one of several larger market's plc mention and sounded like there maybe some smaller market possilbities and Germany and Britian has not been mention so that could be a surprize and laser's and laser kit sales should pick up imo. and maybe a surprize above 500 kits due to the need to replace inventory and the lack of replacing it and putting it off by the hospital's.........imo. FDA just might grant renal approval fast track since it is simple and the data from Italy.........$4 million is aggressive but a small part of $500 million in possible projected rev's from renal guard.........USA use to account off half of what is spent in medical expences but imo. that may have changed,i heard that about 20 years ago..........unedited