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  • i_hate_hillsamuel i_hate_hillsamuel May 19, 2010 2:37 PM Flag

    For a couple of million dollars

    You could buy the whole damn company, sell or shutter TMR and perhaps recoup some of the cost, Get rid of personnel and all the rest of the useless baggage, and have a clinically proven product to market. It's supposed to be a 500 million dollar market, yet no buyers. Either the boys stretched the truth a tad about the market size, or they are just inept at selling anyone on the potential.

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    • The market size is solid; if anything, $500MM is conservative. But The selling needed in the US is daunting--look up medical imaging in your local yellow pages to get an idea how many labs are around.

      CIN is a serious matter, and as the evidence strengthens that RG should be standard of care for many patients (basically, anyone getting a lot of contrast agent who is not demonstrably free of pre-existing kidney problems), there should be some customer-initiated sales.

      The easier device approval in Europe and the tendency to concentrate complex imaging procedures at 'institutes' gives a better environment for PLC, but clearly, potential income from Europe is not 'the flavor of the week.'

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      • It's good to hear confirmation of the market size. It is troubling that after two years of commercialization efforts, they are only placing 5-6 consoles per quarter. I think the expanded CE labeling will help with the adoption but we don't hear about it anymore. Meanwhile the FDA trial is in limbo, and US entry is still several years away. It has been my experience that the medical community is pretty slow to adopt new (even superior) technology, but I'm starting to wonder whats going on.