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  • jacosa jacosa Jan 25, 2011 12:16 PM Flag

    What happens if REMEDIAL II succeeds?

    Allowing for 2 months of slop in completion (Sept planned -> Nov) and a fairly typical 2+ or 3- months for top-line analysis, we ought to see the results by the end of Feb. We have a strong hint (data for the first 2/3 or so of patients have been shown, and are as hoped for) that the trial will succeed. What happens then?

    I think it's a given that some Italian nephrology organizations will endorse RG, a few consoles will sell in Italy and there'll be a few paid sales there.

    Will the rest of Europe notice? Will someone offer either the $5 MM for a preliminary US study, or the $25 MM to buy the company? If $25 MM is offered, do we take it, or hold out for the 3-4 times that which RG would be worth to a REAL company?

    While RG is cheaper and easier than adding another nurse to the cath team, do you think manual maintenance of optimum urine output could take off in the US if REMEDIAL II succeeds?

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