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  • itsjustagame4 itsjustagame4 Feb 13, 2011 6:03 PM Flag

    Earnings/Trial info

    Has anyone heard a date for our next earnings? Thought we would have had at least an anouncement of a date last week. Wonder if they will reveal the final results on the 2nd trial at the same time? I am a bit anxious to see if there were any sales this quarter for RG. The last quarter was a big letdown ,but increased sales and news of the second trial going well could give us some much needed help in aquiring a partner or buyer.

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    • Game, since it's end-of-year, report will be end of March. Last year it was 3/30.

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      • Thanks to all! You would think if someone is interested in buying us out they will get in before we burn through some of the cash they will get at the close. On the other hand they may want to see the results of the REM 2 trial
        before investing here. An improvement in sales in a big way would really help us right now. Otherwise a prospective partner/buyer may just want to wait us out and see the company get real hungry before an offer is made. Lets hope we see some sales and a positive trial completion soon.

    • Investigator-sponsored trials aren't the company's to announce. The investigators announce results in ways that work best for them. Since Remedial II is apparently on track to set at least a regional standard of care, it's a big deal to the reputation of the lead investigators. I looked at appropriate meetings, and there doesn't seem to be anything appropriate until late Summer. Topline information would first come out in the abstract, available about a month earlier. Publication in a good journal would be even better for the investigators, and could be any time. All of the good journals are touchy about early release of the substance of articles.

      Summary: the company doesn't control when we'll hear. It could be any time. If it isn't by Oct 1, something odd is happening.

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