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  • jacosa jacosa Mar 26, 2011 1:40 AM Flag

    Yahoo says earnings on 3/28.

    If I was the one making the decisions, I wouldn't reinstate the CCs yet. It sends a bad message to have one [or worse, no] analyst and a couple of private investors asking questions. I would probably take all projections about the US trial out of the financial report and put it out, with lots of detail and conditional timelines, as a separate release.

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    • We have received a second chance at keeping this little company in business. I hope Mark and company is very detailed in this new begining for us current shareholders and the possible new eyes that are wathching us break into a 52 week high and chart breakout.
      I would like to see-

      An expected timeline for completion of the US trial.

      Hopefully improved sales of RG in our overeas markets.( this would give new investors more confidence to invest here)After all RG is the future of this company and the international sales should be gaining traction.

      What is the possible market $ for RG in the US if approved.

      Also a reminder to new investors watching about the 75% improvement of CIN prevention in the Remedial 2 and Mythos trials. This product is much better than the current standard of care. If I were one in the CIN high risk catagory I would demand RG.

      I guess we will see.

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      • It isn't useful to generate a number for potential RG sales in the US. The number is unreasonably large and bears no relation to what can be done on an investors's time scale. The company has floated $200MM, and that's WAAAYY below the all-indications potential, but enough to call it 'big.'

        The current problem is getting to the starting line.