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  • vulcan_red_light vulcan_red_light Apr 8, 2011 11:50 AM Flag

    Okay, they have a product that works,

    Now what? Word of mouth by renal specialists? It just needs some exposure to ramp the stock price up to the point where they PLC can pay for a study here...

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    • Now they need a business plan and a management team that works! Study results and a little cash alone won't make the product a success and supplant current standards of care. It will take good timely execution. This will be tough for the "day late dollar short" management team in Franklin MA. They need to do more than sign distributors and sit around collecting paychecks while they wait for customers to bust the door down. The market has zero faith in this companies abilities.

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      • Given what happens in this market space, the odds are pretty good that a better funded, better connected and more competent management team with a copycat variant will be along shortly to capture the market.

        Plucky's position is just too weak to expect any respect what little mote the patent provides. They need to move fast or they will be a snack for an organization where 5M is the CEO's bonus for last quarter, not the value of the company.

    • Well yeah, in Italy. Very hard to ignore 2 such dramatic studies close to home. For the rest of Europe, we wait for the published article[s]. The journals and publication months haven't been announced, which tells me that publication is targeted for either very good (they don't like authors mouthing off) or very bad (authors don't like to say) journals. Since very bad journals tend to publish fast, the nicer possibility becomes more likely with time. It is going to be very important to see why the hospital stays for RG patients in Remedial II were as long as for SoC patients.