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  • jacosa jacosa Jan 3, 2012 8:06 PM Flag

    interesting note w/acist and stock guru

    Well, we may not have silence continuing. To quote scodeb99

    "PLC is on the list to present at OneMedPlace SF 2012. The forum runs Jan 9-12 in SF.
    Hopefully at this event Mark will be saying that the US trial started last month (which means December...which means now...which means lets hear that it started already!!!!!)"

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    • According to the website they are scheduled to present Wednesday, Jan 11 at 11:30.
      Let's all hope he says the trial has already started.
      It would just be too pathetic if he says the trial will be starting shortly. Even PLC management can't drag this out forever, can they?
      Although we still haven't seen the promised PR when the first patient was treated. So who knows?
      Clinicaltrials website said trial starting November 2011 then changed to December 2011. It still says December 2011.
      We shall see.
      Come on and let's get the ball rolling already!!!

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      • When I had Tauscher cornered he explicitly declined to EITHER say when the first patient would be treated OR promise that the treatment of the first patient would be announced immediately. All he offered was appropriate communication. So we might be about to get it. Maybe.

        I live near the home of a few classic garage companies. In their spirit, I'd be showing up at imaging centers with an RG unit in a back pack, the trial documents in my briefcase and a couple meals in a box to carry me through until they signed up.

        As with anything PLC, I'll consider believing it AFTER I see it.