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  • scomasea scomasea Mar 21, 2013 12:28 PM Flag

    recent $4 million given to plc

    the giver must know something..................imo. plc stock price is being manipulated on the down side plc should be closer to .50

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    • I would seriously like to know how many subjects have been treated in the registration study. I think it has been about a year, and that ought to get us to the vicinity of the first readout.

    • Scom, in exchange for the "gift" of $4M--as well as for previous financings--were millions of shares. It's some of these shares that are being dumped, there's no need of "manipulation."
      While it's unfortunate that financing parties won't hold close their new shares, that's the price one pays for needing to finance in this manner: dilution and "profit" taking. Had the company been in stronger position, the basis of financing could have been otherwise.

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      • so the loaners of $4 million dollar's at .15 cent a share dumped there shares ? makes as much sense as bidding at a auction and win then say they want to sell them now "infamous commercial" something is going on here in a very positive way,there was no volume and now there is,even if there is no volume tomorrow there is is something positive here at plc north of .20 and my guess at least .50