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  • scomasea scomasea Apr 20, 2013 12:13 PM Flag

    recent very high volume for a couple week's now

    sure the 24 million new shares that gives plc 54 million shares outstanding opposed to the former 30 million shares outstanding....................and the sec filing that plc will not realize any cash from the newly issued 24 million shares via. option's imo. must mean plc is debt free now which will make it more possible for far less cash burn with USA FDA renal guard trial's which will be the last before the FDA decision which imo. will pass and also think renal guard can get the fast track with the why the extreme heavy volume for the past two weeks or so ? the 24 million new shares probably came of the printing press right ? and with the shares traded in very heavy volume someone is buying selling and imo. the small fish's are selling and the larger fish are feeding on the bid and ask w/alot of help from the market maker or specialist.........................think a few months from now plc is poised to be much higher and even much more higher on grandious news ,like fda fast track,larger company flips the fda trial cost or even a buyout..................also seem's plc renal guard current market places of sale could maybe pay for the FDA final trial phase