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  • coolcatnip_44115 coolcatnip_44115 Feb 1, 2007 10:20 AM Flag

    Could it be dell?...

    analyst states on Michael Dell's return should be good for the company but says Dell must make a substantial investment in "Customer Care" which to me means support and solutions...

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    • Could it be Dell that acquires SPRT? The company is low hanging fruit. Their CEO (Josh) grew NIKU and is doing another terrific job at SPRT...only a matter of time.

    • hey j_, as you know it's been a "long haul" back for me and others here, from mountains to the valleys and back again, lol, gotta run see ya...

    • coolcat,

      While you are soaking up the sun, I hope we get to see your 15k get taken out on an ask of $8. ;-)

    • Prior articles stated that they were in late term discussions with several companies concerning their help desk issues.

      I would think one of those would have to be Dell. You call Dell, and invariably you are calling India. It is a bit annoying when the person who is trying to help you is not in complete command of the language. I have interacted with Dell's help desk and sometimes it can be an absolute chocolate mess.

      I could see a senerio where Dell continues to offer their "in house"/free of charge customer service and also an option where callers, who are willing to pay, will be subcontracted out to SPRT. Assuming SPRT's support desks are light years beyond the service that Dell's stumbling, bumbling Dehli call centers presently offers.

      Can't say I am happy about the stocks present consolidation. Did not think we would pull back this far($6.50'S RANGE) with an impending CC.

      I am looking for $8 plus.

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