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  • coolcatnip_44115 coolcatnip_44115 Oct 5, 2007 12:39 AM Flag


    I see in AH down $1.12...I had a feelin something would be coming, that's why I posted earlier today, obviously I was looking for a positive announcement, JB do you think we have to necessarily meander and stay flat {PPS} for the next 3 months or do you see a ray of sunshine...TIA, Nips

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    • I didn't get a good Q3 earniga surprise from SPRT...

      But I did get a 12-3 Pasting of the Yankees from my Tribe in game one...and can still , lolololololol with Fausto Carmona going in game two tonight...

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      • Sold everything here. Problem here, IMHO, is that the consumer offering is simply not working and the enterprise business is now proven to have absolutely no growth. Management will never admit that they are down the wrong path with the consumer biz, and Wall Street analysts are still hyped up about it.

        The problem with the consumer biz is that direct to consumer for the type of services they are offering has little appeal and little market potential (e.g. my computer monitor went out this week, I obviously need to use my local tech guy, as I can't use, since I can't even get on the Internet; how many "tune up" BS can they really sell??).

        So now SPRT is going the partnership route for consumer biz which forces SPRT to be at the mercy of much larger companies (witness the delayed roll out by Office Depot). So the consumer business will not create any sort of lasting and defensible business. It's a waste of time and money. They will have tons of partners and make no money.

        IMHO, what the company should do is use the huge amount of cash to buy out smaller local tech support people and build out some retail presence for tech support. That has huge potential, since you are selling a tangible service that has broad appeal and solves real problems. Selling remote tech support, I don't think will work, even if they sign up a zillion partners.

        Just my thoughts.

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