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  • aspaulding1983 aspaulding1983 Apr 16, 2014 12:01 PM Flag

    My pick of the month

    Anybody concerned with this stock's position?

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    • Up and down until 04 30 14.
      One should be able to get shares at $2.45 before then.

    • I'm heavily invested in this stock, I have been accumulating for about a quarter now, I am averaged in at about $2.50 ps. I am worried if the next earnings comes out poorly the stock will tank and I will have to accumulate more.

      That said, the company makes money, $12 million last year, has NO DEBT, and over $72 million in cash.

      The stock is trading at less than 25% above it's book value of $1.79 and the P/E is only 12 which is low for a cloud/tech company.

      So yes, in the near term I am concerned that poor earnings will give me a haircut on my current holdings at which time I will buy more.

      HOWEVER, I believe SPRT will be at least $3.00 a share in the next few quarters which will provide me a hefty profit.

      Oh, and I have made a profit trading SPRT in a range which is my typical strategy where I accumulate for long-term holdings but take profits here and there to reduce my down-side risk.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Im in at 2.60. I just felt that if it was going fall any lower it is time to buy my way out as well. The fact that they have no debt and all that cash is what appealed to me. The interim CEO seems to be going in a different direction as far at outsourcing their help lines, not sure if I like that. Also, by the history it seems the old CEO wasnt very shareholder friendly, hope the new guy doesnt follow in his footsteps in that aspect. Hoping the quarter was decent.

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