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  • mdickirson mdickirson Dec 29, 2010 10:20 PM Flag

    Shh! We are moving up the mountian

    Don't tell anyone except friends and family. We have one that goes up like the Yoddler on the price as right. Frac, Frac, Frac away Oiliers!

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    • LOL! OK, I yield the king of the mountain title to you, BShaef. Consider it done!

    • There is no reason to be juvenile and transform this board into the Childs game of 'king of the hill' (a la the HAL message board). I never stated that I am smarter than any anybody else and maintain that claim. I simply see the purpose of this board to inform ourselves. Nothing more, nothing less. I did state that I am a consumer of CRR products and I am familiar with the full line CRR products. Does that make me smarter? I don’t know. You tell me.

    • On both the old and new versions of Battlestar Galactica, the crew frequently used the work "frac" as an expletive, purportedly in replacement of another expletive that begins with the letter F. Or did they use the word "frack" ?

      Either way, the meaning of the word was known, so shut the frack/frac up about if the 'k' matters. We already know how smart you are, you special person you.

      Of much greater importance is the topic reference to the Yodeler. The Yodeler was never wrong, and he was Yodeling at the same time as the original Battlestar Galactica.

      The Yodeler likes CRR, and he likes fracking/fracing too.

      Never doubt the Yodeler. The Yodeler says CRR is going to split 2:1 and go to $200 on a pre-split basis (that's $100 for you fracers/frackers) by the third quarter of this year.

    • Point taken! It's just that the spelling puts any comment in context. Whenever you see fracing spelled with a "k" it means that the writer is not knowledgeable on the topic ergo, sans "k", suggests that the author has some background with the CRR products.

    • You have got to love it. I can't wait for the next quarters results. The new line from Georgia should be running 100% by then. Next capacity line coming on in the forth quarter to keep the growth story going. Now can we get a 3-1 split to allow more on board.

    • I think a 5 for 1 split would be just right. That would get the float close to 100MM shares which seems to be a nice round number that offers a lot of exposure to institutional and individual investors.

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