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  • j.sellitti j.sellitti Apr 25, 2013 2:05 PM Flag

    Sellitti's side of the story!!

    It looks like their are some here trying to throw mud in my face so I will post some facts to the reader's of the UNIS Board

    1. I post my real name (James Sellitti) unlike my detractors that post under screen names
    2. I have only posted on two boards the other one was Wizzard Software which I owned for over 9 years and still own...........It is now Fab Universal.
    3. In answer to 53add09 BLAH BLAH BLAH ............. I may have lost in the early days on Wizzard software but I loaded up at 12 and 13 cents.......before at 1 for 12 reverse split and the company is now trading at $4.30 which is 36 cents split adjusted.,,,,..not a Bad Profit..........3X my money
    5. I do love Unilife and it's products. There was the Generic deal last year and the EZ Mix deal so far this year and I believe there will be 6 more announcements before the end of the year.
    6. Do you think Sanofi would just throw away $40,000,000.00??
    7. There are now 15,000,000 shorts which keeps growing every two weeks. On my brokerage account they show no available shares to short which leads me to think there is naked shorting going on. 1/3 of the available float is short!!!!!!!
    8. As the deals come in I believe these shorts will squirm! That is my opinion.
    9. When it was offtered at $1.99 today level two showed a total of over 10,000 offered. I put a bid in for 8,000 and only received 5,700 and right after every market maker and his brother was bidding $2.00
    10. If 53add whatever TYCO, or Fukito want to call me like a man I can be reached at (917) 747 3035.

    I will only post one more time after this to let this board know if any of the gentleman called. Lastly I never worked in any capacity at Unilife or Wizzard Software. I have a substantial paper loss on UNIS but I believe that it will be a profit by the end of the year.

    Good luck to all shareholders!
    James R Sellitti

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    • J. sellitti,

      Thanks for sharing and I'd like to hear some more DD on UNIS. I took a position this week with a cost basis around $2.00. From what I can tell, there has to be some naked shorting going on with this stock. Has UNIS been on the REG SHO list recently? The other thing that seems weird is how the stock took off April 9th when they announced a deal, then sold off to new 52 week lows. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I'm not sure if shorts are thinking that dilution might be coming soon as well? The company has stated previously they are seeking non-dilutive financing. Also any deal that comes in should provide cash flow as well. It's also troubling that the stock is re-testing the 52 week low on Friday, however, a double bottom reversal may be in play too. So far institutional ownership is increasing for reported ownership ending 3/31. Any thoughts on the price action heading into earnings 5/9?

    • Whoa! so this is the profile of a big shot day trader looks like, well nice to meet you Jimmy.
      So in your opinion a measure of a man is posting a phone number on an open forum that's classic, good luck handling all of the robo calls. Have a nice day Jimmy

    • Well stated. Alan is the king of over promising and under delivering, but I feel strongly that this company will make it in the long run. $10 by the end of next year. $20 by the end of 2016.

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