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  • biotechinvest1077 biotechinvest1077 Nov 12, 2013 1:10 PM Flag

    Worse than a Used Car Salesman

    AS is a liar. He gives used car salesmen a bad name. For example, he convinced SNY to commit $40 million so his bogus company would "develop" what he claimed would be a highly innovative product that would "revolutionize" the very competitive medical device industry. He preyed on the gullibility of SNY, a company desperate for any advantage over the competition. They were ripe to be taken advantage by AS and he took them for everything they were worth. The fact is he and his bogus company never met one single milestone. After years of frustration and dealings with the liar and fraudster in chief, SNY was forced to sign a face saving "Long Term Supply Agreement." To add insult to injury, AS and his cronies extorted from SNY a $5 million "upfront fee" just to be relieved of their original fraudulent deal with UNIS.

    It gets worse. Last May, AS made a big showy announcement that he had consummated a major deal and all that remained was the "formality" of the signatures which would take a few weeks. Weeks, then months went by with no major deal being executed let alone announced. Then, in a classic bait and switch, AS announces the SNY "Supply Agreement" but only after Forbes Magazine exposed the fact that no one at SNY had any contacts at all with UNIS. If you can't believe what is written in black and white, what can you believe?

    (to be con't.)

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    • Great job of reducing the short argument to its obvious absurdity. That kid at Forbes sure knew what he was talking about!!

      Sentiment: Hold

    • (con't.)

      Further, AS has repeatedly claimed UNIS would consummate something like a dozen deals over the next few months. How many such deals were consummated? Zero! And don't try and tell me that the "Supply Agreement with MedImmune" is anything but smoke and mirrors. Has Medimmune publicly confirmed the agreement? No, they have not. I could issue such a press release and it would have more credibility than a UNIS release.

      Any objective observer can see that the entire UNIS edifice is just a house of cards. And the guy dealing from the bottom of the deck is AS. He hasn't delivered on one single promise ever. Don't let the UNIS longs fool you. They are desperate to unload their shares and move on to greener pastures.

      In summary, AS is an obvious fraud. Why else would he commit over $4 million of his own money to own UNIS shares? It is an obvious attempt to bamboozle the investing public. It is simple pandering plain and simple. It is not like he has made any kind of verifiable commitment to UNIS by buying those shares and giving them back to UNIS to be retired. No. He can sell those shares anytime he wants and then he can retire in luxury.

      Anyone who thinks "more deals" are just around the corner is a fool.

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