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  • tigerpac tigerpac Nov 21, 2011 1:49 PM Flag

    VLCO On-going negotiations with Netflix!

    You are spot on with this conclusion. Valcom has a history a vague misrepresentation.

    Go to their 10-Q's and witness how their cut and paste shenanigans always seem to paint the company as being on the verge of success. But I believe the carelessness of leaving in such things as the Michel Legrand concert results and TV foreclosure auctions really foreshadows how little the company reviews it's filings.

    Recently on the iHub board, posters have dredged up old 10-Q comments and presented them as if they were new items that investors should get excited over. IMO, the iHub board has many paid posters by Valcom in order to draw in newbies. Or maybe they are just really bad at deciphering what is old news and what is new news. But the fact that the same posters bring the same informtion at least once a quarter makes me believe that it's a coordinated effort so they can dump their own positions.

    <As to the Netflix thing: Careful with the "ongoing negotiations" wording. The translated question and answer was:

    Frage 3
    Redaktion vTfT: Are there any news concerning a cooperation with Netflix?

    Vince Vallardita: We continue to approach Netflix with new content and hope to concrete a deal

    I read this as "we approached them and they said no, so we tried again with new content, and it's still a no"

    I don't perceive that as "ongoing negotiations".>

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